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Review: Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief

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The Perfect Fit for Fans of Low Cut Briefs

I’ve always been a huge fan of low cut “barely there” briefs. I remember when I was in my teens and “low rise” briefs first came out – I was elated! Finally there was a great looking style that sits low on your hips and doesn’t pop over your waistband.

On a whim, I ordered a bunch of underwear from Modus Vivendi over the holidays (ok, I wanted the free Christmas briefs and their amazing underwear book free gifts). Included in that order, was their Flash Super Low Cut Brief. And I love it!

Modus Vivendi Flash Low Cut Brief


I hesitate to call it a waistband. There is elastic there and it does a great job of keeping the briefs firmly in place on your hips, but it’s minimal. Barely there minimal. Almost like nothing at all.


These briefs are 100% cotton. I’ve washed them a few times already and had no issues with shrinking. They fit perfectly every time. (One quick note, I wash in cold water almost exclusively to prevent fading and shrinking.) The fabric is ribbed and super soft to the touch. Very tactile if you’re running your fingers across it – and it feels great on your body.


As I noted in the up front description, these briefs sit very low on your hips. While I love that feeling, some will not. If you’re used to a wide waistband sitting firmly above your hips and close to your actual waistline, these will NOT be the briefs for you.

Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief White Blue Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief White Blue

There are moments when I had to check because I thought they were falling off – but they weren’t. They were still in place and just riding lower than I was used to. After wearing them a few times, I’ve become used to this feeling and really enjoy how they disappear beneath my jeans.

The pure ribbed cotton has a stretch to it that works well to create a nice pouch in the front, and form fits to your backside well. The waist stays put without pinching or binding. These are probably the ideal fit for me as far as briefs go.


As you can see from the pictures, this style really accentuates the hips and thighs. It provides great coverage with minimal fabric. It’s a really great look for those who like minimalistic underwear without being too “revealing.” (If you do like revealing, they have a very similar style in lace.)

Where to buy:

All 6 color combinations are currently available at on Modus Vivendi’s web site for 12.50 € or you can get 5 of the 6 from International Jock at $13.00 US at the time of this writing. They come in a variety of colors – with some very subtle differences. Clicking any of the pictures will open a larger image.

Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief - Blue Red Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief - Khaki Orange Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief - Blue Yellow

Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief - White Aqua Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief - Khaki Yellow  Modus Vivendi Flash Super Low Cut Brief White Blue

Note that Modus Vivendi ships from Greece and my order took about 12 days to get to me in California. International Jock ships from Los Angeles for faster U.S. shipping.

I actually loved these briefs so much, I bought 2 more pair from International Jock last week!

From Modus Vivendi:

Modus Vivendi presents the Flash Super Low Cut Brief. Extremely hot design with thin, covered, elasticated waist and contrasting endings. The perfect underwear to show off your six-pack (and other assets!). Made of pure ribbed cotton 100%.


Modus Vivendi is the brand name of a range of men’s fashion items designed by Greek fashion designer, Christos Bibitsos, which has been present on the market since 1989.

Our name, Modus Vivendi, is our philosophy. From the Latin, modus vivendi translates as lifestyle or way of life. Our name reflects our design and manufacturing approach to everything we make: it is not just a product, or just a brand; it reflects a lifestyle. And our lifestyle is this: Everything we do we do first and foremost for one reason: because we love it!

Modus Vivendi Facebook
Modus Vivendi Twitter


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