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Review: C-IN2 Pop Color No Show Brief

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Comfortable, Stylish, Classic Low-Rise Brief

There are a few staples in my wardrobe. I’ve written about some, but have neglected one of my go-to briefs for a no-fuss comfortable day: The C-IN2 Pop Color Low Rise No Show Brief.

C-IN2 Pop Color Photo Picante Front C-IN2 Pop Color Photo Syline Back

They’ve been around a while in one form or another and continue to get regular updates in color and waistband, with the current round focusing mostly on brighter tones (where the previous round were more deep, rich colors like brick red, forrest green and plum).


I personally like the wider waistband on these briefs. I didn’t have any issues with bunching or folding – or pinching. (What’s also interesting is I wear a medium in this style – where with most manufacturers I’m on the small end of a large). It’s a stylish logo band that doesn’t get in the way, even on a low-rise cut.


I think everyone agrees you really can’t go wrong with 100% cotton. The feel is natural and soft and is perfect against the skin. Even being 100% cotton I didn’t have an issue with them shrinking after a few washes. Overall, a great feel without any of the hang ups cotton can bring in sizing.

C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Picante  C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Picante Back C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Picante Side


These briefs have the requisite contour pouch that C-IN2 has become known for. It gives you plenty of room so you’re not constrained, but keeps you supported at the same time. The cotton fabric is cut perfectly across the butt and doesn’t ride up, bunch up or give you that unpleasant wedgie feeling. The cut is perfect across my backside.


C-IN2 has done some more “out there” styles lately, and I’m thrilled they’ve kept this one around. While it’s fun to wear more radically styled underwear from time to time (like under a suit for a large presentation) sometimes you just want the classics. A nice, clean fit and vibrant, solid color scheme. And these briefs are my go-to for those moods.

Where to buy:

They latest colors and style are currently available at $20 in C-IN2’s online store – and come in 4 colors:

C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Wink C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Skydive C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Purps C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Picante

The previous round is on sale right now for $12/pair and also come in four deeper colors:

C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Techno Purple C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Raging Teal C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Lazurite Blue C-IN2 Pop No Show Low Rise Brief Blaze Red

From C-IN2:

C-IN2 Pop Color paints the town, and your underwear, in every color imaginable. The collection splashes the hippest, most vibrant colors and patterns of the season onto the most popular styles. Tops are made of extra soft Pima Cotton and bottoms offer various support and trim detailing for easy, effortless yet fashion-forward comfort that will definitely put the spotlight below your waist.

    • Collection: Pop Color
    • Fabric: 100% Cotton
    • Origin: Imported
    • Outseam: 2.5″
    • Pouch: Contour
    • Style: Briefs

About C-IN2:

C-IN2 Clothing Company is an American apparel company first made famous for it’s line of stylish men’s underwear.

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*Author’s Note: I purchased these briefs myself and was in no way compensated for this review.

Passionate about the fit, form and fashion of all types of underwear. I wear many hats including: Writer. Marketer. Photographer. Critic. Aficionado. My current favorite underwear is the Baskit Luxe Brief. Andrew Christian's Almost Naked Brief is a close second.

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