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Baskit Goes All Out – Everything On Sale Starting Today!

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a really big sale from Baskit. Their site came back up in August and they resumed their $12 Tuesdays like clockwork – but we haven’t seen the seasonal sales like everyone else… until now.

Black Friday Starts Today at Baskit

It appears they were saving it all up since the smallest discounts are 35% off – and that’s even on their new Body Art Collection that has never been on sale before.


So where do they top out? The best deals are 75% off on their Light Collection (with limited sizes available – so hurry!) and their closeout Action Cool Collection.


The rest is a mix in the 40-50% range – but still really good deals to be had. And with prices as low as $4.50 for some of the biggest price cuts, why not stock up now?



Born in 1999, Baskit is a clothing brand known on several continents for fashionable and high quality apparel, underwear and swimwear. Catering to the everyday needs of stylish men.


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