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CheapUndies Roundup for January 10, 2015

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A Week of Great Deals Summarized

As is our weekly ritual we took a look at CheapUndies.com this morning. We missed out on our favorite pair of socks on sale but there are still plenty of other deals that caught our eye. Here’s the roundup from this week.

Ozone Sock Collection

Yep, socks are underwear too and there are some really fun socks. Almost like having that ‘secret’ in a business meeting. “MY SOCKS ARE CRAZY!” (But no one else knows!) Second only to wearing a jock under your suit, right?

We did a little sleuthing and these same socks go for $18.00 on Amazon (though a few are priced at $5.40) – so at $7.00 they’re a steal. Way below 1/2 price.

Ozone Socks at Cheap Undies

C-IN2 Pop Color Revival Collection

This sale has a ton of C-IN2 Pop Color & Burst briefs and trunks for $12.25 each. That’s about 1/2 price compared to regular C-IN2 prices. We reviewed the Pop Color No Show Brief back in August and it’s one of our faves. We like to call it “comfort underwear.”

C-IN2 Pop Color Burst Cheap Undies

XVII Last Chance

This sale is all trunks and all below $6. Some close outs you’l never be able to get again are featured so if trunks are your style, stock up now.

XVII Last Chance Cheap Undies

Bottoms Out Basics Collection

All boxer briefs and trunks (we’re sensing a theme) and everything is $5.00/pair. Or you can get a 3-pack for $12.95. Those are discount store prices on colorful, fun trunks. Get them while you can.

Bottoms Out Basics at Cheap Undies

Timoteo Pop Out Collection

Once again we have model Steven Dehler showing off for Timoteo. This time in really brightly colored trunks, briefs, jocks and jock-trunks (they call it a soccer-jock). These are more primary and secondary colors. Bright and bold, vs. the deep hues of the C-IN2 pop color collection. Great deal on these basics.

Timoteo Pop Collection Cheap Undies

CheapUndies Resolution Collection

If you “resolved” to run more this winter, CheapUndies has a great deal on tights for you. They’re own brand, they have both performance capris and running tights – all in bright colors to keep you safe in traffic.

Cheap Undies Runners

About CheapUndies:

Cheap Undies is based in Richmond, VA and was founded in 2011 as a solution to the overpriced underwear market. We are a daily deals site that feature one men’s and one women’s deal a day.

We offer below wholesale prices, brand name products and service that is both fast and impressive. The Underwear Mafia are behind Cheap Undies operation and most workers are hostages from large underwear manufacturers.

Cheap Undies guarantees to offer you high quality products at the lowest prices possible. We love and appreciate our customers so feel free to ask questions, send us emails or write threatening letters to your favorite team member.

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