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The CheapUndies Roundup for 9-27-14

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Great Deals Still Available at CheapUndies.com

We’re back with another week of deals from CheapUndies. As we transition seasons, things are getting a little more varied. Tights. Swim. Briefs. Trunks. Lots of great options this week.

XVII Mix & Match Collection – Less Than 1 Day

This is a fairly new brand on the scene – only been around a year – and they’ve got 10 different options at $6.99 each for you. Mostly trunks but a few briefs thrown in there as well.

XVII Mix Sale at Cheap Undies

Clever Basically Exotic Collection – Ends in 2 Days

Clever is back with underwear and swimwear this week. This is the underwear sale. About half of this sale is sold out, but there are still 11 items up for grabs if you’re looking for something on the sexy side.

Clever Underwear Cheap Undies

Petit-Q Midnight Madness – Ends in 2 Days

Speaking of sexy, Petit-Q had some undies on sale 2 weeks ago  and they’re back this past week as well. These are their more ‘reserved’ designs but still sexy – lots of sheer going on.

Petit-Q Midnight Cheap Undies

CheapUndies Neon Running Tights – Ends in 4 Days

We told you there was variety this past week. These tights are certain to get you noticed. They just scream “safety first” ensuring you won’t get run down while jogging. Definitely a bright idea. (We’re done with the puns now.)

cheap undies neon running tights

Clever Cool Off Collection – Ends in 5 Days

Eleven options for discount swimwear from Clever this past week. All still available.

Clever Swim Cool Off Cheap Undies

Freeman Fair Game Collection – Ends in 6 Days

Lots of fun stuff from Freeman (I have a thong I love from them). No thongs this week but plenty of other deals to be had.

Freemen Undies Collection


4Skins Printed Collection – Ends in 6 Days

Seems underwear brands are going for sexual puns more and more. But hey, if the underwear is cute – go for it! They’ve got 8 options for you all at $9.99.

4Skins Cheap Undies

About CheapUndies:

Cheap Undies is based in Richmond, VA and was founded in 2011 as a solution to the overpriced underwear market. We are a daily deals site that feature one men’s and one women’s deal a day.

We offer below wholesale prices, brand name products and service that is both fast and impressive. The Underwear Mafia are behind Cheap Undies operation and most workers are hostages from large underwear manufacturers.

Cheap Undies guarantees to offer you high quality products at the lowest prices possible. We love and appreciate our customers so feel free to ask questions, send us emails or write threatening letters to your favorite team member.

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