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A Sexy Basic Jock from Baskit for Just $12

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$12 Tuesday is back at Baskit! Have you grabbed anything in the last few weeks? If not, and you’re a jock fan, you’re going to want to go grab this week’s deal.

Marvin Urban Basics Black Jock Baskit

Baskit Urban Basics Jock 40% Off

More shots of model Marvin sporting the jock. (You can click these pics by photographer Rich Mackey for a larger view.)

Marvin Baskit Urban Basics Jock Black Side Marvin Baskit Urban Basics Jock Black Front Marvin Baskit Urban Basics Jock Black Back

Baskit designed their Urban Basics line to be just that – basic. The come in black and white with a contrasting orange logo waistband for a small bit of style. They’re 95% cotton, but to ensure a great fit, they’ve got 5% elastine for the perfect stretch.

Click any pic to shop the sale.

Baskit Urban Basics Jock Front White Baskit Urban Basics Jock Side White Baskit Urban Basics Jock Back White

Baskit Urban Basics Jock Front Black   Baskit Urban Basics Jock Side Black Baskit Urban Basics Jock Back Black

Click here to shop the Baskit $12 Tuesday Sale now.


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