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Bow and Bear

New Brand from the UK – Bow and Bear

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New Underwear Brand Emerges in London

A fan on Twitter turned us on to a new brand coming out of the UK – Bow and Bear. Right now, they’re only selling trunks and t-shirts but they’re having fun with their brand and we’re having fun watching.

Bow and Bear Underwear

Their imagery is limited but we were able to dig up some great promo shots from their web site and Facebook page. Take a look then browse their site. Tell us what you think in the comments!

Bow and Bear T Shirt Bow and Bear Locker Room 2



Bow and Bear Locker Room 1
Bow and Bear Gym

About Bow and Bear

Bow and Bear was launched in 2014 in London, England, with a goal to make and design, luxurious and comfortable clothing. We pride ourselves on the quality and the attention to detail on our products. Currently only online, our products are exclusive to the website and to you.

Bow and Bear Facebook
Bow and Bear Twitter


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