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Pistol Pete Mesh Jock & Model Spence

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Model Spence is back at Jockstrap Central and they have him debuting in a series of Pistol Pete Mesh Jockstraps. This is his first time in mesh and he does a great job. Check out the pics and the product descriptions below.

jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-4 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-40 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-15

From Jockstrap Central:

Pistol Pete Avalon Jock

This low rise, streamlined jock is sexy and unique with it’s striped pouch. Unique because the stripes are created by perforating the fabric making the jockstrap partially see-through and undeniably sexy.

It’s one of those mesh jocks that will have eyes straining to see what’s beneath as it is revealing yet doesn’t give away the works. They’ll have to work a little bit harder for that!

jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-2 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-22

Pistol Pete Chevron Jock

Pistol Pete’s latest hi-tech sports mesh jockstrap is loaded with flavor: The pouch fabric is perforated and is not only slightly see-through but provides welcome ventilation. A contoured pouch design ensures comfort. A contrasting “V” or chevron plus contrasting edging hits home the space age design.

Both the Avalon and Chevron jocks include one and one quarter inch wide sturdy comfort waistband woven with unique detailing complimentary to each design.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to see their returning model Spence in all six of the new jocks – this is the first time he’s done mesh!

jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-29 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-37 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-7

More images from the collection:

jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-42 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-32 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-16

jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-6jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-30 jsc-pistol-pete-avalon-chevron-41


About Jockstrap Central:

Jockstrap Central was started in 2005 by partners Adrian Dobson and John Taite. We are not only business partners, but life partners back at the start and now husbands. After being together since 2004, we finally got married on July 27th, 2012.

When we first met, we quickly discovered that we both had an interest in underwear. Adrian had always wanted to open up a brick and mortar underwear retail store and John was a web designer/programmer who developed a fascination (obsession?) with underwear and also wanted to start an underwear store, but being a geek with a background in Internet commerce, he knew online was the way to go.

It was only a natural progression for us to put our heads together and create Jockstrap Central.

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About Pistol Pete:

Pistol Pete was established in 1997 and features the latest in mens’ sportswear, athletic wear, swimwear, and underwear.  
Designer:  Pedro Diaz

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