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Jockstrap Central Launches American Jock Gym (Plus a New Model)

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Jockstrap Central sent us a two-fer today: The new Gym line from American Jock & new model Gerry. These shorts and tanks come in blue, red and black and will probably turn heads at the gym.

We personally love that shorter shorts are back in style. We’re seeing them all over the place from the gym, to swimwear to casual wear – and they’re encouraging guys everywhere to not skip gym day!

Check out the picks of hot ginger Gerry modeling the gear below.

American Jock Gym Short

American Jock Gym Gerry Red American Jock Gym Gerry Black Shorts American Jock Gym Gerry Blue


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From Jockstrap Central:

Whether it’s at the gym or simply out on the street, these awesome light weight shorts are loaded with features and are sure to become your new all-time favorites.

The favorite feature of the self-admitted pervs at Jockstrap Central is by far that the shorts are unlined so you can show everyone what you’ve got as it’s swinging free behind the light-weight fabric. Plus with only an 8 inch side seam, these are proper shorts. Of course if you want support, simply grab your favorite jockstrap to wear underneath and you’re set.

Besides the pervy features above, the shorts also include spacious front pockets with stylish contrasting piped edges, draw cord, contrasting elastic piping for the leg openings , side leg splits for freedom of movement, soft and plushed 100% cotton fabric plus the big bold colors with liven up any workout or chore.

American Jock Body Builder Tank Top

jsc-american-jock-gym-6 jsc-american-jock-gym-7

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From Jockstrap Central:

Although it’s called the Body Building Tank Top and yes, it’s ideal for guys who wish to showcase all the hard work and hours dedicated to their physique, with it’s light weight soft cotton/lycra fabric, scoop neck front, y-back design and roomy arm holes, this is a perfect tank to wear out on all those hot sweaty summer days.

Of course it’s not all about function, it’s also about style: Sure, you can tuck the tank into your shorts or jeans but because American Jock finished the tank off at the bottom with a front and back scoop, it looks equally as good untucked. Finally, with it’s sporty contrasting edging it’s as appropriate at the gym as it is on the street.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to see their latest model Gerry with his killer fitness instructor meets dancer body putting the American Jock through a workout of their own.”

About Jockstrap Central:

Jockstrap Central was started in 2005 by partners Adrian Dobson and John Taite. We are not only business partners, but life partners back at the start and now husbands. After being together since 2004, we finally got married on July 27th, 2012.

When we first met, we quickly discovered that we both had an interest in underwear. Adrian had always wanted to open up a brick and mortar underwear retail store and John was a web designer/programmer who developed a fascination (obsession?) with underwear and also wanted to start an underwear store, but being a geek with a background in Internet commerce, he knew online was the way to go.

It was only a natural progression for us to put our heads together and create Jockstrap Central.

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About American Jock:

American Jock is a branch of Go Softwear with a focus on sportswear, jockstraps and casual attire. Bringing their sense of sporty fashion to their t-shirt and workout gear.

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Passionate about the fit, form and fashion of all types of underwear. I wear many hats including: Writer. Marketer. Photographer. Critic. Aficionado. My current favorite underwear is the Baskit Luxe Brief. Andrew Christian's Almost Naked Brief is a close second.

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