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The @CheapUndies Round Up for Saturday June 14, 2014

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Cheap Undies has changed their business model a bit – instead of doing a flash sale on just one pair of underwear for the day (or a number of hours) they’re now putting a new collection on sale every day. Sales generally last about 6 days. We thought it might be helpful to start a new feature on Saturdays where we round up the Cheap Undies sales from the week and let you know what’s ending when.

There are some really fantastic deals so don’t miss out on all of these offers. A little something for everyone.

Cheap Undies Bulge Collection – Ends Monday

Items are priced at $8.95 or $9.95.

Cheap Undies Bulge Sale Image


Baskit Summer Swimwear Collection – Ends in 3 Days

All Baskit swimwear is priced at $18.95.

Cheap Undies Baskit Sale Image


Pull In Prints Collection – Ends in 4 Days

Trunks & briefs priced at $12.95.

Cheap Undies Pull In Prints Sale Image

Rufskin Collection – Ends in 5 Days

Most items appear to be up to 60% off.

Cheap Undies Rufskin Sale Image

Gregg Homme Fuel Pump Collection – Ends in 6 Days

Four items priced from $15 – $20.

Cheap Undies Gregg Homme Sale Image

Jocko Gym Wear Collection – Ends in 6 Days

Briefs at $5.00 and shirts at $11.00

Cheap Undies Jocko Sale Image

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