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Sunday Gallery Maintenance

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I took some time to do a little (trust me, VERY little) work on the galleries today.  We’re going to migrate toward a more useful set of galleries.  
First, the general galleries will contain various pics of guys in their underwear.  More or less the random day-to-day postings you see on here, but each gallery will have sub-divided albums for ease of finding just the hot underwear you like.  Bear with me – there are over 600 pictures in there that need resorted!  And about 200 more that need uploaded.
The second change is the addition of the “Specialty Galleries” page.  This page will hold all of the “special” galleries that fall into logical sets – generally the albums will be many pictures from the same model/photo shoot/event/etc. You’ll see I’ve already moved the Jock Strap Central galleries over there, and will be adding more as the weeks move on.  We’ve just added a new affiliate program with Undie Twinks and will be putting their content there as well.  
In honor of the new setup, I’ve added a gallery of 20 images of Scott, the new  Jock Strap Central model doing various martial arts poses in jocks.  Here are a couple, but find all 20 in the NEW Specialty Galleries page!

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