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Ginch Gonch – 3 Pair for $39 Black Friday

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Ginch Gonch has sent their final notice of tomorrow’s 3-year anniversary sale – 3 pair of underwear for $39.  Limited quantities, so you might want to log on early.


Passionate about the fit, form and fashion of all types of underwear. I wear many hats including: Writer. Marketer. Photographer. Critic. Aficionado. My current favorite underwear is the Baskit Luxe Brief. Andrew Christian's Almost Naked Brief is a close second.


  1. Shraddhananda Moharana

    November 27, 2007 at 12:19 pm

    I had came across a site which is providing luxury boxer briefs at US$72 and that to Urban Crusade style.
    You can have a brief about that on http://www.bendtherules.com/

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