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Rumors, Rumors Everywhere

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So there are a lot of rumors that the Ginch Gonch boys, Benjamin Bradley & Ethan Reynolds have split.  Not from GG, but from each other.  The evidence thus far:

  • Ethan is missing from Ben’s Myspace profile & Ben’s ‘status’ is listed as “Swinger”
  • Ben is still in Ethan’s profile however, which says “In a Relationship”
  • Bratboyschool Bulletin is empty.
  • TheProjectBE – which used to be for Ben & Ethan, now says “Ben Enlightened” and he hasn’t posted anything in a while.
  • I also noticed that Ethan hasn’t been in many of Ben’s pictures for a while either.

At any result, here are some hot pics of Ben I found as I was browsing about today.  The first two are promo pics from his Falcon days – the last two are more recent, one from Chicago Pride this last summer.





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