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New features!

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In addition to updating posts and preparing for next week, I’ve been making some small improvements today.

  1. Email post/page links.
    You can now email a post or page to a friend by clicking the E-mail Post/Page link at the top of the post. Share the love!
  2. Mobile web access.
    We have iPhone access enabled and it’s working well. Just go to the main URL (www.yourdailybriefs.com) and your iPhone will automatically load an optimized version.
    We’re working on mobile web support for general WAP browsers. We have a few options for this – one disables iPhone support, the other isn’t updated for the latest version of WordPress yet. We’re hoping it’s updated soon so we can have BOTH iPhone and WAP support.
  3. Galleries have been restructured a bit for better streamlining.  I’m looking for a widget that will tell you quickly on the left which galleries are recently updated, but for now, I post the date updated in each gallery entry page.

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