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Male Model Monday – Cody Calafiore

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Big Brother Hottie Cody Calafiore in C-IN2

We’ve been fans of Big Brother since about season 3, but never have they had so much skin and underwear flashing than this season. Wow.

Since “sales executive” Cody Calafiore is also a C-IN2 underwear model, we thought we’d give him a shout out as our model of the week for Male Model Monday. Check out his pics (and a video!) below:

Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 Athletic Wear Shirtless Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 Trunks Underwear

Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 White Briefs Underwear

Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 Grip Jock Underwear Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 Grip Jock Underwear

Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 Athletic Wear

Model Cody Calafiore CIN2 Grip Briefs Underwear


Did we mention he has a brother, Paul, who is ALSO a model? Check out his brother’s Instagram here.

Bonus Video of Cody Calafiore:

As luck would have it, C-IN2 shot a promo video with Cody. Check it out below:

About Cody Calafiore:

In addition to modeling (and working out, clearly) Cody’s full time job is as a sales account executive who describes himself as outgoing, happy-go-lucky an empathetic. He was featured in Seventeen Magazine in an article where their “Hot Guy Panel” gives girls advice on fashion and dating.

In college, he was drafted to a pro soccer team but cut after an injury. We’re good with that – his modeling career seems very promising, especially after Big Brother.

Cody’s Faceboook Page (May not be Official)
Cody’s Twitter
Cody’s Instagram

About C-IN2:

C-IN2 Clothing Company is an American apparel company first made famous for it’s line of stylish men’s underwear.

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  1. John

    August 25, 2014 at 6:52 am

    Wow great pix… what is he wearing in the first pic? Zippers intrigue me lol

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