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Review: Oskar Franks Briefs


I subscribe to the Daily Jocks underwear of the month – and this month was Oskar Franks briefs. What? Huh? Who? Never heard of them. But hey, I’m game. So Iran them through a cold wash and wore them today.  I have to say, pretty comfortable.


The Waistband:

My first concern – waistband roll – didn’t happen at all. Overall, I was pretty happy with the briefs – even though I’d never heard of the brand, I may have to check them out. The waistband is soft and just exists. It isn’t in the way and doesn’t pinch. All in all, the perfect waistband.

The Fabric:

The briefs are 95% Modal and 5% Spandex. I wasn’t terribly surprised by the softness of the fabric – Modal is amazingly soft – but was pleasantly surprised that the combination held up through a day of work, walking, riding in a convertible, sweating, etc. Anything my body went through – these briefs handled fine.

The Fit:

Everything stayed where it should. The elastic on the legs held together fine. I wasn’t picking underwear out of my crack at all (a huge pet peeve of mine). My package was secure but not constrained.

The Function:

Everything held up. They breahte well. The move well. They hold their shape.

The Style:

The style is a bit trickier. They’re pretty basic but still VERY cute. They remind me a bit of what I found in Britain almost 10 years ago. Minimal, functional, cute. Nothing terribly fancy, but still sexy. (I can’t seem to find these on their site though, and given they came through Daily Jocks, likely a close out.)

My verdict (all out of 10):

  • Fit: 9
  • Material: 10
  • Comfort: 10
  • Style: 8
  • Wearability: 10

Where to buy:

Happy Holidays from Andrew Christian & His Hunky Santas! (Video)


Piado Underwear Coming to on Monday

If you’re not familiar with, you should get familiar. Both Fab & are member sites (free sign up) that have amazing limited-time sales on clothing, art, decor – you name it, they put it on sale (occasionally even cars!).

Monday, Fab has Piado underwear on sale – these are always AMAZING deals. Definitely check it out.

Not familiar with Piado? Here’s a description from the sale:

Piado is an independent fashion brand that currently focuses on the basics: underwear. Piado’s aim is to turn underwear from a simple necessity into a fashion item with its use of distinct, eco-friendly fabrics and sophisticated, modern designs. Check out these soft and sexy briefs and boxers.

Sounds like my kind of undies! Click here to preview the sale before Tuesday. Same link will take you over to buy when it hits!

Forget the Quarterbacks. It’s Rob Gronkowski in His Underwear!

Someone pointed me to this post on and, boy am I glad they did. While everyone is debating who’s hotter – Brady or Manning – they’re completely MISSING this hottie on The Patriots.  Check him out below – and enjoy. And click over to the referring post for more info – and more pics.


New Reversible Swimsuits from Moda Audaci


As someone who loves, loves, loves swimming (and has my own pool!) I’m loving this concept in swimwear. They’re reversible so you can choose which color suits your mood! I’m thinking of the one featured in the thumbnail at the left. Once I lose 15 lbs!

Speedo Sunday – Red Hot Swimmer Boys


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