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We are quickly ramping up audience and will be accepting advertising in the near future. The ads you see currently are from advertisers who reached out ahead of launch and requested space. We are pleased to be able to give them complementary ads in the short term. Please contact us for details and availability for current and future ad space..

Ad Timing:

All ads with the exception of the Wallpaper ad are contracted on a monthly basis. You can contract for multiple months, however pricing is based on traffic and adjusts up or down monthly based on traffic.

Wallpaper ads can run in 7 day increments, booked at 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks. Please be sure to contact us for this unique opportunity.

Should we receive a request for one of the premium spaces and your contract is up or renewal, we will give you first right of refusal to continue before granting the space to another advertiser.

Ad inventory:

We maintain a limited ad inventory to ensure a quality experience for our users. There are only 13 formal ad spaces on the site. Below are the available spaces. This does not mean they are currently available, these are simply the space we reserve for ads. Conversely, just because a space currently shows an ad on the site doesn’t mean it is booked. We fill with affiliate advertising when ad space isn’t 100% booked.

Wallpaper (1420×3060 pixels; Live area 220×650 on each side) – 100% of Traffic

  • 1 Available – Full Site Clickable Background with visible messaging on left & right
  • For optimal messaging, initial side panels should be 220×650 with 10 pixel border
  • Aside from initial panel, user will be scrolling to full height with ~650 px visible any given time

Run of Site Ads (100% of Site)

  • 970×120 Leaderboard – 1 Available – Top of Site – All Pages
  • 970×120 Leaderboard – 1 Available – Top of Site – All Pages

Home Page – 1/3 of Traffic

  • 320×250 – 1 Available – Home Page Right Sidebar
  • 125×125 – 4 Available – Home Page Right Sidebar

Run of Site (Except Home) – 2/3 of Traffic

  • 320×250 – 1 Available – Right Sidebar
  • 125×125 – 4 Available – Right Sidebar

Bottom of Every Post – 2/3 of Traffic

  • 200×200 – 3 Available
  • 600×200 – 1 Available (replaces all three 200×200 ads)

Home Page Takeover

We do offer the option for a Home Page takeover which includes:

  • Wallpaper
  • Both 970×120 pixel ads
  • 320×250 Right Sidebar (Homepage Only)
  • All four 125×125 Right Sidebar Ads (HomePage Only)

Though we can accommodate shorter turnaround, homepage takeovers are best scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance as it can impact other advertisers’ schedules.

Ad Pricing

We price our ads according to unique position and traffic.After the introductory period, pricing will be set on the 15th of the month for the following quarter based on the previous 3 month’s traffic average. This allows us to pre-bill and tells you what your set rate is for the 30 day period prior to running an ad.

Please contact us for current detailed pricing. We reprice every 3 months based on average traffic over the past 3 months (as site traffic is growing rapidly right now, so this is to your advantage). Smaller ads with multiple locations are priced at a lower CPM while larger banner ads with limited availability are priced higher.

Wallpaper takeovers are priced at the time requests are received based on current site traffic and the high visibility throughout the site.

Underwear Reviews

We do underwear reviews a minimum of once per week and push them to our social media channels a minimum of 5 times on Twitter, 2 times on Facebook & Google Plus & 1 time on Tumblr.

We don’t charge an advertising fee for reviews, we simply require brands to send us a product to review. Please contact us  for reviews as we have several reviewers with different sizes and tastes in underwear, so we can match your product to the best reviewer before you send it our way.

Blog Content

There is never a charge for submitting blog content for us to share with our readers, however we also do not guarantee that it will make it into our editorial schedule.

If you would like to establish a regular content program for your brand, please contact us. There is still no charge, but understanding what news you have coming a week or a month in advance helps ensure your content is on the calendar and ready to roll on schedule.

Product for Photo Shoots

We will be using ad revenue to produce original model photo shoots and will always be interested in product to be featured in these shoots. These models will be featured in several blog posts and numerous social media posts. Please contact us if you would like to participate (our first shoot will be in September).

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