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aussieBum Gets Pure With New Range

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AussieBum Launches Pure Briefs & Hipster Briefs

This week aussieBum launched a new range of basic white and black briefs and trunks they’re calling “Pure.” I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but really loving the styling.

Aussiebum Pure White Brief

Aussiebum Pure White Trunk

This range sports a super slim waistband and a single layer pouch, plus flat lock stitching that means no internal seams to rub you the wrong way – for the ultimate in comfort. They come in black and white – and a special tie dye version they’re calling “Byron.” More on that later!

Aussiebum Pure Black Brief

Aussiebum Pure Black Hipster Brief

They’re all reasonable priced in the mid-teens in US dollars. Great style. Great price. Fun brand.

Where to buy:

Direct from aussieBum at their web site.

Aussiebum Pure Black Briefs Aussiebum Pure White Briefs Aussiebum Pure Black Hipster Brief Aussiebum Pure White Hipster Brief


About aussieBum:

aussieBum is Australia’s leading men’s underwear and swimwear label. If you doubt yourself, wear something else.

aussieBum is one of the world’s most renowned, award-winning swimwear and underwear retail companies. Our products are all made in Australia and sold in over 135 countries across the globe. aussieBum is recognized for the high level of innovation in design and manufacturing plus the cheekiness of the brand itself.

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