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Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi Launches Seaman Line With Dreamland Campaign

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We love it when an underwear brand steps out of the box and does something unique and creative. Modus Vivendi has done just that. They’ve taken reproductions of famous Greek paintings (staying true to their brand) and inserted model Stefanos Papadopoulos into them sporting their new Seamen line of underwear.

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From Modus Vivendi:

The background images into which the models blend are reproductions of paintings by Yannis Tsarouchis (1910-1989), who is one of the most highly regarded modern Greek painters. His extensive depiction of soldiers, sailors and other men, often curiously described as “vulnerable”, was controversial and some of his exhibits were taken down by censors. It was Tsarouchis who introduced the iconic sailor motive into modern Greek theater. From the content of his images we can also deduce that he was deeply interested in fabrics and clothing and, at one point, he even tried his hand at weaving.

This brand new line comprises evocative sailor-themed underwear, t-shirts, longsleeves and sleeveless tees. With references to sailor’s stripes, a range of luxury fabrics and a highly distinctive look these new clothes make a strong statement and offer supreme comfort. Sexy, innovative and bold these designs will get you looking your best down by the waves.

Take a look at the rest of the images below and let me know what you think in the comments. We’ll have more on this line later in the week. So be sure to check back or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see the update.

Modus Vivendi Seaman Line_2

Modus Vivendi Seaman Line_3

Modus Vivendi Seaman Line_4

Photographer: Panos Mihailidis
Model: Stefanos Papadopoulos

About Modus Vivendi:

Modus Vivendi is the brand name of a range of men’s fashion items designed by Greek fashion designer, Christos Bibitsos, which has been present on the market since 1989.

Our name, Modus Vivendi, is our philosophy. From the Latin, modus vivendi translates as lifestyle or way of life. Our name reflects our design and manufacturing approach to everything we make: it is not just a product, or just a brand; it reflects a lifestyle. And our lifestyle is this: Everything we do we do first and foremost for one reason: because we love it!

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