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Review: Piado Bamboo Briefs

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I had never heard of Piado before, but I get updates from Fab.com and one day earlier this year up popped some bright, colorful briefs. They were a ridiculously low price and came in red, orange and blue – so I got one of each (though I didn’t wear them QUITE like the guy in this picture):

Piado 3 Pairs

When I got my briefs, I washed them and grabbed the orange pair (cleverly named “Ripe”) and gave them a try. Here are my thoughts.


The waistband is nothing to write home about, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. It doesn’t ride up, pinch or fold. It’s honestly, exactly what you want in a waistband. From a design standpoint, the logo is centered on the front, with the word “underwear” wrapping around the left hip. It gives it an artsy “off center” quality that I really appreciate from a “look” standpoint.


Bamboo underwear is not a new concept, and these briefs deliver on the combination well. At 94% bamboo Rayon and 6% Lycra, the fabric is soft and holds its shape extremely well. They’re among the thinnest, lightest briefs I’ve worn in a long time and work well under slimmer, tighter pants without getting in the way. There’s that great “soft touch” that comes with any bamboo underwear that feels great on your body.


I had no complaints about the fit. These briefs hold up well for a day of travel, a day in the office or just lounging around the house. The cover well without being see through and don’t get disfigured as the day goes on. I’ve worn them repeatedly and they haven’t shown any signs of losing their fit. Since I paid about $10 for each pair, I was surprised they held up so well.


Styling on these briefs is purposely basic. They’re a solid color with a stylish waistband (as noted above) and contrasting tone on tone trim around the legs and fly (yep, they have a fly). The low rise waistband helps add a modern look to these otherwise classic briefs.

Piado Underwear Model Darren Hanging Piado Underwear All Colors Darren

Where to buy Piado:

Piado’s Web site

Fab.com (subject to availability)


About Piado:

At the Piado atelier, the design is pushed to the limit, our background enable us to think beyond the norm, and we strive to make products with substance; not over designed, not over publicized, but exclusive and unique as our audience.

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