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Baskit Puts the Whole Store at 20% Off for 4th of July

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Baskit is following up their $12 Tuesday this week with a week long sale that goes through Sunday at midnight – with everything in their online store at 20% off. There are a few items that are already more than 20% off (like the Lucky 7’s Swim Brief that’s 50% off already) so you don’t get the extra 20% on those (and really, do you need it?), but there are some great deals to be had throughout the store. Shop the sale at their website and stock up before Sunday.

July 4 Baskit Sale Image

This promo comes with more images of the model they featured last year – his name is Eddie and he’s a 21 year old free diver and MMA enthusiast from San Diego. Looking pretty good in those trunks and briefs, don’t you think?

Eddie Side Flag Baskit Briefs

Eddie Baskit Active Trunks Flag Logo


Eddie Baskit Straight No Flag

Eddie Vertical Flag Promo Baskit

Shop the Baskit 20% Off Sale

About Baskit:

Born in 1999, Baskit is a clothing brand known on several continents for fashionable and highquality apparel, underwear and swimwear. Catering to the everyday needs of stylish men.

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Passionate about the fit, form and fashion of all types of underwear. I wear many hats including: Writer. Marketer. Photographer. Critic. Aficionado. My current favorite underwear is the Baskit Luxe Brief. Andrew Christian's Almost Naked Brief is a close second.

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