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Baskit’s $12 Tuesday Low-Rise Trunk Deal

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Baskit is back – right on schedule – with another $12 Tuesday deal. This week they’ve got their Light Low Rise Trunk on sale at just $12. I don’t wear trunks terribly often, but have a lot of friends who absolutely love them (everyone has their preferences!).

Baskit Light Trunks Camping

Baskit Red Light Trunks Close Up

Baskit Light Trunks Gym

From Baskit:

Made from 100% Cotton Jersey, Light is great for hot climates or a trip to the gym. The Low-Rise trunk is perfect for guys who want the support of a traditional brief with more coverage. They are sure to keep you comfortable all day, and all night!

I do own the brief version of this underwear and we love it. They also have a Yoga T-Shirt that is probably the most comfortable thing in our drawer. So if you love trunks, get ’em while you they’re on sale!

Click here to shop the sale at Baskitwear.com.

Baskit Light Trunks Three Colors

About Baskit:

Born in 1999, Baskit is a clothing brand known on several continents for fashionable and highquality apparel, underwear and swimwear. Catering to the everyday needs of stylish men.

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Passionate about the fit, form and fashion of all types of underwear. I wear many hats including: Writer. Marketer. Photographer. Critic. Aficionado. My current favorite underwear is the Baskit Luxe Brief. Andrew Christian's Almost Naked Brief is a close second.

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