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International Jock Doing 25% Off American Brands for 4th of July

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Online retailers are doing unique things this year – we’re not seeing as deep of discounts or many ‘entire store’ on sale like we have in the past. Perhaps it’s a sign the economy is picking up again?

Regardless of the depth and breadth of sales, retailers are doing some unique “hooks” this year. One of the most logical is from International Jock – they’re offering 25% off all of their American brands this holiday. The sale is on now so click through and find something sexy. And while you’re there, check out the new model pics of Colby Melvin. He’s shed his Andrew Christian “naive boy” look and posing for Pistol Pete and others at International Jock these days.

International Jock Made in USA Sale 2014

About International Jock:

At International Jock, you’ll not only find the best men’s undergarments available, you’ll also find the widest selection. We carry boxers, briefs, thongs, trunks, bikinis and many other styles. When you shop in our extensive collection, you’ll find designs suitable for everyday wear, special occasions, athletic activities and any other use you can imagine. (Go ahead, imagine.)

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