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Review: Andrew Christian Color Vibe Brief

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The Color Vibe Brief has been a staple at Andrew Christian for a while now. I personally own this brief in at LEAST 7 colors. They’re a go-to for days when I don’t want to think about what underwear to wear – I just know that in these, I’ll have support, style, a great fit and a comfortable day. That may be why I have so many. Although I don’t normally talk price on reviews as I’m not a price shopper, I can tell you that this brief is priced to be your ‘every day’ go-to brief. Very affordable.

Andrew Christian Color Vibe Brief Multi



One of my favorite features on this brief is the waistband. They have updated it a bit in recent months, but it’s a nice low rise, non-intrusive waistband that stays put. It rides low on the hips and stays there pretty much all day. Every once in a while I have a feeling the briefs are sliding down, but when I go to adjust, I realize it’s just how low the sit. After a while, I got used to it – and actually enjoy the fit of the waistband.


Andrew Christian chose to make these of 100% super soft cotton. I’m not sure if they pre-shrink them or not, but these are true to fit and haven’t shrunk at all with routine washing (note: I wash almost everything in cold in a high efficiency washer). For being 100% cotton, they have the right amount of stretch to ensure everything fits well and stays in place.

Andrew Christian Color Vibe Brief TwinkColor Vibe Brief Back Andrew Christian Twink Butt


I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to the fit of these briefs, but once I did, I’ve learned to really appreciate them. The anatomically accurate pouch fits almost like a jock – the leg openings tuck in close to your body where your legs meet your groin – and don’t ride up or pinch anywhere on the leg. This creates great support in the front – that also ensure you have an ample front profile without being obscene (as some of their underwear can do). The back covers the butt well and for me, doesn’t sag. As you can see from the model pictures though, it really depends on the shape of your butt.

From their web site:

Color vibe package enhancing anatomically correct brief…now with even more color options! It feels like you’re not wearing any underwear at all. Hang-free design with no hidden cups, straps or padding. Extra room in front, just where you need it. When you pull them on, your package falls naturally into the super soft snuggle pocket to create a truly enjoyable unique wearing experience. Virtually eliminates sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. 


These briefs feature a low profile waist, high cut leg openings and, as I noted above, an anatomically correct pouch. This results in a smooth, well put-together look under clothes – or wearing only the briefs. The thin waistband and low rise cut ensure that the waistband doesn’t roll or tuck – and that any of your rolls don’t get accentuated by elastic cutting into your softer parts. It’s a wonderful fit and look.

Noah Wright Color Vibe Brief Yellow Andrew ChristianMurray Swanby Color Vibe Brief Yellow Andrew Christian

Where to Buy:

Buy direct from Andrew Christian at their web site.

About Andrew Christian:

Andrew Christian is not only an iconic company, it is backed by a real designer. One of Andrew’s best sellers is his amazing line of technically advanced, custom woven men’s underwear. It is available in street, sport, fashion, and basics-themed lines, and is available in a range of styles, including low cut, super-low-cut, and boxer briefs. Each style is intricately designed using specialized dye treatments, printed graphics, and innovative materials such as bamboo fiber, sports mesh, and patented, moisture-wicking cotton blends. Andrew was the first to introduce waist slimming elastic in his underwear designs and “FlashLift” Butt-Lifting Technology.

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