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Vuthy Sim Amps Up Their Erotic Underwear Lines

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Ok. We know what you’re thinking – we hadn’t heard of Vuthy Sim either, but we got a notice from their team the other day that they’re adding 24 new ranges and working in unique patterns involving glitter fabric and even holograms!

We did a little bit more looking and learned that they’re based in Maine, designed by a man of the same name (Vuthy Sim) and sold via their Etsy store.  They’re also hand made! Definitely a unique business model – and a unique product line for those into the more “exotic” side of men’s underwear.

Vuthy Sim Gold Bikini

From their release:

In its first-ever line of men’s underwear, Vuthy Sim (pronounced Vooh-Tee Sim) is launching erotic ranges of g-strings, bikinis and square-cut trunks made of diverse fabrics, some of which include glitter or holograms.

Many of the new styles consist of mesh fabric, which is both lightweight and comfortable, and which gives off the feeling that a guy’s not wearing anything at all. A little added flair is given to some of the styles in the form of mirror-like holograms or stretch glitter fabric that really shimmers. These ranges are available in g-strings and bikinis, and most are available in black, white, red, gold and royal blue.

The gold bikini pair of erotic underwear is made with a stretch glitter fabric that shimmers and commands attention. It is available in additional colors, and is produced as a g-string/thong and bikini. The brand’s on-demand team can produce briefs or square cut trunks upon request. The front pouch provides comfort and fit to hold and accentuate a man’s natural assets. The Vuthy Sim dedication to fit, design and quality of workmanship guarantees satisfaction with this and other lines of underwear and swim wear.

Some of the ranges are available in square-cut trunks, and can even be worn as swim wear to the beach. The ranges vary in price from $36-$48 USD, and can be found by visiting the designer’s online store.

Vuthy Sim Trunks Vuthy Sim Leopard Print Bikini

You can check out all of their designs in the Etsy Store – there’s a LOT there (and even some shirts and other clothing).

About Vuthy Sim:

VUTHY SIM IS AN AMERICAN-MADE BRAND of casual and sportswear for men that was founded in 1999 when the designer, who goes by the same name, moved to New York City. He now lives, designs and produces his collection in southern Maine. His styles have been seen on Broadway in shows such as “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Spamalot.” Vuthy Sim is known for style, fit and quality! Designer Vuthy Sim has only one goal: to make your body look terrific.  Whether you’re splashing in the surf, lounging by the pool, or putting in some serious laps, the right Vuthy Sim swimsuit makes you stand out for all the right reasons.  For 2014, Vuthy has added erotic underwear for more intimate occasions. No messy drawstrings in the 2014 collection, & every item has a comfy front pouch to hold & accentuate a man’s natural assets. Whatever your style, Vuthy Sim has you covered!

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