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Review: Mack Weldon Brief

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Mack Weldon Briefs Blue

I learned about Mack Weldon sometime last year and had to try them out. Their web site was fun and innovative, their underwear touted to be a better fit than most. And the clincher, a money-back guarantee on your first pair if you don’t like them. What’s not to love?

I bought my first pair of briefs in black (they were running low on fun colors) and tried them out. They held up nicely in the wash and fit perfectly. They didn’t ride up, chafe or create any issues at all. My only complaint is that I noticed after the third time wearing them, that one of the leg openings started to get a bit loose. I was a runner and swimmer in a previous life and still have muscular thighs and calves – as well as a pretty round butt. The right side of the underwear fit perfectly, but the left leg hole became a bit saggy.

I should have probably returned them at that point, but knowing that things happen in production, I gave it a few months and then ordered a second pair. This time in a nice orange (so fun!). I’m pleased to say that I’ve had none of the issues with the second pair. They are an extremely comfortable fit with venting in the back to help keep things cool. Overall, I’m really pleased with them.

Mack Weldon Orange Briefs


The waistband on Mack Weldon’s briefs is solid. It’s not so thick that it rides up or cuts into your skin, but it has good substance. They also have a little fun saying inside the back “For Daily Wear.” They clearly want these to be your every day briefs, trunks or boxer briefs. The only issue I’ve had is that with the dominant writing on the INSIDE, I will sometimes put them on inside out, especially if I get up very early in the morning to catch a flight.


The material is soft, springy and gives just like you’d want it to. They’re almost 50% cotton/50% modal cotton (47.5% Long Staple Cotton / 47.5% Modal / 5% Lycra) and feel like it. The modal adds a nice soft touch and balanced with the long staple cotton, it’s like your classic briefs got an upgrade.


As I noted above, the first pair had an issue with one of the leg openings which became loose after a few wears. The second pair hasn’t had that issue – and honestly – they’re some of the best fitting briefs I’ve ever worn.


Some may find the style basic, but I love it. It’s the modernization of the classic men’s brief – and that has strong appeal to a lot of audiences. There’s nothing funky or weird about them (though the brand is a bit quirky when you talk with them on Twitter or via email). They’re just great, solid briefs that look good on your body.

Where to Buy:

Direct from Mack Weldon at MackWeldon.com

About Mack Weldon:

Mack Weldon is about the fusion between old-school quality and modern day technology. During our brand creation, we discovered Weldon, an early 20th century undergarment and sleepwear company that stood for innovation in both marketing and product design – very similar to the brand we were creating. We embraced the name, flipped it a bit and made it ours.

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*Product was NOT provided by Mack Weldon but was purchased by the reviewer.

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