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Review: Baskitwear America Brief

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I’d heard a lot about the “Made in America” brief from Baskitwear, appropriately called the America Brief. I have quite a bit of Baskit underwear in my drawer and have my favorites, but 2 weeks ago I bought a pair of the America Briefs and suddenly, I have a new favorite. It took me a while to actually do laundry and wear them – and I put them through 24 hours of torture.


I put them on first thing in the morning and went to work. Everything stayed put, the quality of these briefs was really nice (and should be for the price point). I didn’t have any issues with riding up, folding over, or some of the problems one has with lesser briefs.

After a full day of work I wore them through the night – nothing major, just out to dinner and lounging around watching TV.  Then I slept in them (my usual attire for bed). So far, so good.

Usually after sleeping in underwear, it’s a bit loose in the morning. Most briefs can’t hold up to a full 24 hours of wear and use. I pushed mine further.  I get up at 5:15 AM and go to the gym every morning. For an hour of cardio. Every morning. I just left these briefs on through the workout.  Although they breathed fine for normal wear, I don’t recommend them for a work out. A jock or jock brief is going to fare FAR better. (And there are plenty of those in the Baskit family).


The Waistband:

The waistband on these briefs is nice and wide – and it holds up. No folding or flattening. No cutting into your skin. It’s a really comfortable fit – especially for a wide band.

The Fabric:

These briefs are 90% cotton and 10% elastine. The cotton is a nice, classic feel for everything it contains. I’ve always loved the classic cotton feel and these briefs keep the standard well. One note – they will shrink a bit given the high cotton percentage. If you’re on the border of sizes, go one size up.

The Fit:

I found the America Brief to be firm but not binding. There’s an ample pouch in the front to keep everything where it should be without smushing it down.

The Function:

I was really pleased that Baskit brought back a classic pouch to hold your, well, basket. It kept everything front and center without those lift gimicks you find in other brands. Functionally, these briefs are solid.

The Style:

The America Briefs use a classic brief shape and style, with some updated contrast piping and accents. The style really makes them look great on anyone who looks good in briefs.

Where to buy: www.baskitwear.com (also comes in a sport jock and low rise trunk)

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