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2wink Australia

2wink Australia Rediscovers My Youth

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Ok, so that may be a bit misleading but being born in the 70’s and having my formative years in the 80’s I can really appreciate what they’re doing with their new 70’s and 80’s ranges of underwear.

From their press release:

The 70s inspiration comes from guys who weren’t afraid of body and facial hair that was prevalent in movies and advertising at the time. The muted orange and racing green colors common in that decade also inspired the look of the 70s range. 80s inspiration was derived from bold pinks and blues matted against black that help the colors pop, which was common in advertising and clothing during the second-to-last decade of the last century.

“The later decades of the Twentieth Century saw some rather tumultuous, though amazing and incredibly fun times,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “We’re celebrating the feverish 70s and the sexy 80s with some hot new underwear ranges in colors that we think many guys can relate to.”

One thing I love, love, love is that they cast the models to be a reflection of the times. Their 70’s model has body hair in all the right places and isn’t afraid to flaunt it; while their 80’s model is more smooth, refined and reminiscent of the over-produced 80’s. And both are hot in their own right (and show off the underwear quite well!)

Both are priced in the low to mid $20’s and can be found at their web site: www.2wink.com.au


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