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2wink Australia Gets Back to Their Roots With Hot Underwear

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I’ve recently been back in contact with 2wink Australia and wow – they’ve been up to some amazing things.  The first I have to share is their “Walkabout” range of underwear. It’s so cool that they’re getting back to their heritage and commissioned an Aboriginal artist to create this new range of underwear. I was in Australia in 2005 and have a wonderful piece of Aboriginal art myself entitled “Welcome Friends.”  Check out the pictures below:

From the press release; The underwear range, which celebrates the Aboriginal Australian culture features footprints walking across the waistband. It was designed by Aboriginal artist Peter Mulchay of Queensland, and symbolizes the Aboriginal culture’s rite of passage for adolescent young men.

“We’re proud of our Australian history,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “And we wanted to create a range of underwear celebrating the diversity of such history while also incorporating cultural elements that are around today. We also brought on popular fitness model Lee Stram who has helped to create an incredible buzz about the Walkabout range.”

You can get them in low-rise briefs and trunks at 2wink.com.au both in black for a hot, sexy, masculine look. They’ll run ~$22 depending on conversion and they offer FREE worldwide shipping. Can’t beat it.

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