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Review: Naked Boxer Brief (and Brief) Really Feel Like Nothing At All

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Just before Christmas I got an email from Joel Primus (pictured below, modeling his underwear) from Naked™  asking if I’d like to try their Naked Boxer Brief. I was intrigued and after a little Googling was REALLY intrigued. After reading some background on their story, I checked out the product.

From the product description:

You will love your Naked Boxer Brief ®. This premium, seamless garment is impeccably tailored in Canada with soft-to-the-touch Italian Microfiber, spun on a 40 gauge machine with distilled water from the Italian Alps. As this smooth and light-weight garment lies gently against your skin, the sensation is like you’re wearing nothing at all. Reviewed as being in the top 1% in the world in terms of quality, you will feel comfortable, sexy and look forward to wearing your Naked Underwear®.

Did you catch that? “The sensation is like you’re wearing nothing at all.”


My Background
I enjoy wearing a jock or thong under jeans or khakis when I go out. It’s the closest I really get to being naked under my clothes. But I love the feeling of the denim or cotton on my skin. So this product had me interested.

After discussion about sizing (I have a 33″ waist so I’m a medium sometimes and a large in other brands) Joel recommended “medium” and sent my 1 pair of black boxer briefs and 1 pair of black briefs that arrived about a week later.

After a cold wash (as instructed) I first wore the boxer briefs under a full suit to a “best dressed” benefit for a non profit. I was impressed.

Joel Primus – Naked Boxer Brief Founder (and hot model) wearing the Naked Brief

The Waistband
My first thought was “where’s the waistband?” There is, of course, SOMETHING there to hold them up but I’m not entirely sure how it works, to be honest. It’s thin – and almost as if there is no waistband at all. It doesn’t have a tremendous amount of stretch to it, but it doesn’t need to. The resulting effect is a feeling of, well, nothing on your waist. No waistband pinching. No elastic twisting. Just fabric. It was quite amazing.

The Fabric
The second thing I noticed was how soft and almost non-existent the fabric felt. In the front, I had plenty of support and knew I was wearing underwear. But on my butt, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. It was almost the EXACT sensation of wearing a jock or thong under a suit (which honestly, I never do).

The  Fit
In addition to feeling supported, there was ample room in the front. One of my big pet peeves is underwear with no package room. The Naked Boxer Brief did NOT have that problem. They were also comfortable snug around the leg and fit perfectly around the back. Honestly, the most comfortable boxer brief I’ve ever worn.

The Function
The other remarkable thing was that after 6 hours of moving around at an event – including a 30 minute drive each way – they hadn’t budged. They didn’t ride  up. They didn’t bunch up. The waist didn’t sag or droop. Nothing. They stayed EXACTLY where I put them. It was remarkable. The material was not only comfortable but also VERY breathable. I stayed cool, comfortable and dry wearing the boxer brief.

If I had one complaint, and I have to dig for this, it would be that the styling is very simple.  While this makes them quite elegant – and they look GOOD on you (as evidenced by the model pictures accompanying this post), I like a bit of variety in my color and style. It’s possible they’ll come out with more (white is now an option) and honestly, this is just nitpicking.

Repeating the Results
I wore the boxer brief 2 more times – once under jeans and once under a suit – and had the exact same experience.  Wearing the brief was also good, but honestly, I wasn’t AS impressed. For some reason I seemed to sweat more when wearing the brief. The boxer brief breathed fine and I was good but the 2 times I wore the brief it didn’t seem to breathe as well.

In short, this is some of the most amazing underwear this underwear geek has ever worn. I’m actually heading to their web site now to buy 4 more pair and make the boxer briefs my standard under suits at work. They’re just that amazing.

Where to Buy
You can get your very own Naked Boxer Briefs (or Briefs) direct from their company store.



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