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Jockstrap Central Puts All Non-Jockstraps on Sale

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Everything that’s not a jock is on sale at Jockstrap Central. Clever!


From Jockstrap Central:


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Jockstrap Central sells jocks but not everyone knows they have a large collection of underwear, shorts, tank tops, tshirts and more. Well, that’s about to change with their Not A Jock Sale!

From now until April 6th, Jockstrap Central has marked everything that’s not a jockstrap down by 15%. This includes their extremely popular (and fully back in stock) Everywear lounge/gym shorts and tanks, the bulge boosting Joe Snyder Man-ups to wear under those shorts, their uber-comfortable and oh-so-stylish Nasty Pig underwear collection, the perfect-for-a-play-date erotic gear from Male Power, Jockstrap Central’s own muscle hugging ribbed tank tops and much much more!

Although they’re well stocked on most items, some are limited and it’s first come first serve so be sure to do your shopping first then you can tell your friends about this great sale!”

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