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5 Hot New Pics from Pikante – Camo Briefs!


So – stay with me – the folks at Pikante shared some new photos with the folks at who shared them with us! Check out the hot new camouflage briefs below. Links after the pics for pricing and more info!

Pikante Original Camouflage Brief

Pikante Pixel Camouflage Boy Brief

Pikante Pixel Camouflage Brief

New Reversible Swimsuits from Moda Audaci


As someone who loves, loves, loves swimming (and has my own pool!) I’m loving this concept in swimwear. They’re reversible so you can choose which color suits your mood! I’m thinking of the one featured in the thumbnail at the left. Once I lose 15 lbs!

Cruise Ship Cutie in Boxer Briefs


I have no idea where I found this one – but it’s a cute amateur shot of a guy in his boxer briefs on what appears to be a cruise ship.  Enjoy the view inside the porthole today!

New 2(x)ist colors at Skiviez


Skiviez has a whole new line of 2(x)ist underwear – 2(x)ist Colour – and it’s looking really great.  Seems like they won’t be around long, so head over to and get them while you can!  I really love the styling of these – it’s a whole step up for 2(x)ist.

Introducing 2xist Colour

Celebrate spring with these fantastic bold colors and stripes from 2xist! They’re available in four vibrant colors: magenta, orange, purple, and cobalt. Each has crisp, contrasting white piping and big, bold waistbands. These are limited edition colors, so once we’re sold out, they’re gone forever!


Want rewarded for buying undies? Introducing Bulge Points at C-IN2.


Rewards are all the rage lately – and C-IN2 is jumping into the fray with what seems like a pretty robust reward program.  Will this encourage you to buy direct from C-IN2 instead of your favorite retailer?

From their announcement:

Introducing Bulge Points

It’s been an exciting spring at CIN2U. First, you’ve no doubt seen our re-launched Web site that’s backed by our legendary fast shipping times. One exciting new feature of this new Web site is Bulge Points. By maintaining a customer account at CIN2U, you earn savings toward future purchases! The more you spend, the more you save–perhaps it really is true after all! Here’s how it works:

  • For every dollar you spend on merchandise at CIN2U, you earn a Bulge Point.
  • When you get 100 Bulge Points, you can trade them in for $10 toward a future CIN2U order.

The Bulge Points program is subject to change without notice. To receive Bulge Points, you must check out as a CIN2U customer and not as a guest.

HisTrunks launches Blue Line – Sexy Men’s Underwear


From their email:

Blue Line men’s lingerie is a new range of high-quality sexy underwear for men. The product range covers everything from thongs, to jockstraps, to trunks, all in either Super Soft Mesh or Slinky Microfiber. Not only are these products SEXY but they are also AFFORDABLE & FUN! Featured above is the Blue Line full pouch micro-fiber lace-up boyshort, available in 3 colors and only cost $14! These underwear as well as and many more Blue Line products are now only at!

I love the look of these trunks. Will definitely be checking them out!

Speedo Sunday – Red Hot Swimmer Boys


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