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New Rainbow Pride Jockstrap Series Now Available as International Jock Celebrates Ninth Anniversary

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The boys over at International Jock sent a quick note about their new Rainbow Jock while I was traveling late last week.  I thought I’d take a moment to share the article (and give them a shout out on their 9th birthday) as well as some hot pics of the rainbow jocks themselves.  I promise to try to get more information on the model as soon as I can – but he’s definitely doing everyone a favor showing his pride in those jocks!
From International Jock:
When we opened our “cyber doors” on April Fool’s Day in the year 2000, International Jock‘s goal was to focus on presenting men’s sport underwear (jockstraps, compression shorts, sliding shorts, football girdles and the like) in a completely new and stimulating way. We believed that by photographing the most intimate and erotic of men’s athletic apparel on attractive models, we could appeal to the market for these goods in an entirely new way. Apparently we weren’t fools, as International Jock is now the Internet’s most popular men’s underwear and swimwear store!


It is with great pride that we celebrate our ninth anniversary with the introduction of our new series of “Rainbow Pride” jockstraps. These incredible jocks are made for us right here in the USA by ActiveMan in South Carolina. The specially-created male support pouch is knitted from six different, brilliantly-colored threads to achieve the stunning rainbow effect.


Activeman jockstraps feature a very comfortable knitted mesh pouch with a patented, contoured cut for excellent lift and support and are available with either black or white strapping and in both regular and “swimmer” styles. For the first time ever, you can show your true colors by strapping on one of these uniquely beautiful jocks.


As International Jock celebrates it’s ninth anniversary, we offer not only athletic apparel but also a huge selection of men’s underwear, swimwear and sports and fitness apparel. Our world-renowned manufacturers include Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist, both of which are currently on sale at 25% off!, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Ed Hardy and more than 70 other fashion and sports brands. But we’ve never forgotten our roots. We still offer the widest selection of jockstraps to be found anywhere in the world and we thank you for your support.


Special thanks from me to International Jock for their support of the blog here – and many more years of success as one of the best underwear sites on the net (and where I get most of my stuff).  And no, they didn’t pay me to say that!  I actually shopped there before they were a sponsor!

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