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New Lower Prices on N2N at Topdrawers.com

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The Canadian dollar has gained on the American dollar – why do you care?  Well, if you’re Canadian, Topdrawers.com has lowered their Canadian pricing on new N2N Bodywear stock.  If you’re in the U.S. – the exchange rate takes care of this for you – and you’ll notice the savings you used to see is more or less eroded.  Gotta love economics when it impacts your tighty whitey buying.Regardless, everyone can enjoy the hot pic that came with the email.


Passionate about the fit, form and fashion of all types of underwear. I wear many hats including: Writer. Marketer. Photographer. Critic. Aficionado. My current favorite underwear is the Baskit Luxe Brief. Andrew Christian's Almost Naked Brief is a close second.

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