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The Beach in Hawaii

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We learned quickly that the gay area of the beach in Waikiki is called “Queen’s Surf” appropriately enough.  It’s nestled in next to lifeguard tower F6 and is fairly mixed, though definitely teeming with gays.   We went for a swim today and I happened to still have my camera with me from sightseeing earlier.  So I snapped a few quick pics.


The view of Waikiki from Queen’s Surf.

Though the general view was incredible, there were a lot of surfers in board shorts there as well.  Caught a quick shot of this one heading in on a wakeboard – his friend (who I didn’t manage to snap a pic of) was already out surfing.

Guy in board shorts heading out to hit the waves.

There was one young man in particular that had everyone’s eye on the beach.  We couldn’t decide if we should go buy him a couple of cheeseburgers, or just suck it up and enjoy the view.  I only got him from the back in a few shots (it’s hard to take pics of people on the beach while you’re so close).




Please note – just because I was on the gay area of Waikiki Beach does not in any way mean these people necessarily are or are not gay.  It was a mixed crowd.  They just looked good sporting their swim gear.

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