Huge Jock Sale at Baskit Wear – Everything $10.25!

The folks at Baskit are doing a huge sale on ALL of their jocks & jockbriefs. Literally every style is just $10.25 through tomorrow (Sunday) at midnight Pacific time. Tell your friends and get over there and stock up on jocks (we’re partial to the Luxe and Ribbed collections).

Baskit Jock Sale

Review: Baskitwear America Brief


I’d heard a lot about the “Made in America” brief from Baskitwear, appropriately called the America Brief. I have quite a bit of Baskit underwear in my drawer and have my favorites, but 2 weeks ago I bought a pair of the America Briefs and suddenly, I have a new favorite. It took me a while to actually do laundry and wear them – and I put them through 24 hours of torture.


I put them on first thing in the morning and went to work. Everything stayed put, the quality of these briefs was really nice (and should be for the price point). I didn’t have any issues with riding up, folding over, or some of the problems one has with lesser briefs.

After a full day of work I wore them through the night – nothing major, just out to dinner and lounging around watching TV.  Then I slept in them (my usual attire for bed). So far, so good.

Usually after sleeping in underwear, it’s a bit loose in the morning. Most briefs can’t hold up to a full 24 hours of wear and use. I pushed mine further.  I get up at 5:15 AM and go to the gym every morning. For an hour of cardio. Every morning. I just left these briefs on through the workout.  Although they breathed fine for normal wear, I don’t recommend them for a work out. A jock or jock brief is going to fare FAR better. (And there are plenty of those in the Baskit family).


The Waistband:

The waistband on these briefs is nice and wide – and it holds up. No folding or flattening. No cutting into your skin. It’s a really comfortable fit – especially for a wide band.

The Fabric:

These briefs are 90% cotton and 10% elastine. The cotton is a nice, classic feel for everything it contains. I’ve always loved the classic cotton feel and these briefs keep the standard well.

The Fit:

I found the America Brief to be firm but not binding. There’s an ample pouch in the front to keep everything where it should be without smushing it down.

The Function:

I was really pleased that Baskit brought back a classic pouch to hold your, well, basket. It kept everything front and center without those lift gimicks you find in other brands. Functionally, these briefs are solid.

The Style:

The America Briefs use a classic brief shape and style, with some updated contrast piping and accents. The style really makes them look great on anyone who looks good in briefs.

My verdict (all out of 10):

  • Fit: 10
  • Material: 9
  • Comfort: 10
  • Style: 9
  • Wearability: 10

Where to buy: (also comes in a sport jock and low rise trunk)

Review: Oskar Franks Briefs


I subscribe to the Daily Jocks underwear of the month – and this month was Oskar Franks briefs. What? Huh? Who? Never heard of them. But hey, I’m game. So Iran them through a cold wash and wore them today.  I have to say, pretty comfortable.


The Waistband:

My first concern – waistband roll – didn’t happen at all. Overall, I was pretty happy with the briefs – even though I’d never heard of the brand, I may have to check them out. The waistband is soft and just exists. It isn’t in the way and doesn’t pinch. All in all, the perfect waistband.

The Fabric:

The briefs are 95% Modal and 5% Spandex. I wasn’t terribly surprised by the softness of the fabric – Modal is amazingly soft – but was pleasantly surprised that the combination held up through a day of work, walking, riding in a convertible, sweating, etc. Anything my body went through – these briefs handled fine.

The Fit:

Everything stayed where it should. The elastic on the legs held together fine. I wasn’t picking underwear out of my crack at all (a huge pet peeve of mine). My package was secure but not constrained.

The Function:

Everything held up. They breahte well. The move well. They hold their shape.

The Style:

The style is a bit trickier. They’re pretty basic but still VERY cute. They remind me a bit of what I found in Britain almost 10 years ago. Minimal, functional, cute. Nothing terribly fancy, but still sexy. (I can’t seem to find these on their site though, and given they came through Daily Jocks, likely a close out.)

My verdict (all out of 10):

  • Fit: 9
  • Material: 10
  • Comfort: 10
  • Style: 8
  • Wearability: 10

Where to buy:

Baskitwear Doing 25% off EVERYTHING Through Sunday

Just got an email from Baskitwear this morning and wanted to share their Independence Sale with you – looks like they have 25% off everything in their store (except from some items already on clearance or deeper discount).  The best news? You don’t have to remember a code at checkout. They’ve marked EVERYTHING down already so you can see the original price and the sale price. Sweet! Time to stock up perhaps?

Baskit Independence Day Sale

Happy Holidays from Andrew Christian & His Hunky Santas! (Video)


Jack Adams Launches Popular Army Fly Jock Brief in Orange


Got an email today from Jack Adams – which meant I have news I must share with you. They’ve taken their innovative Army Fly Jock Brief (a jock… a brief… with a fly!) and kicked it out in a nice, bright orange.  The brief is hot. The model is hotter.  See for yourself.

From their info:

The Jack Adams Army Fly Jock Brief takes the brief/jock hybrid design to the next level with an unprecedented functional fly and a spacious front pouch. The design gives roomy support unlike any other jock brief while also providing access at the same time. Once men try the Jack Adams Army Fly Jock Brief with its body forming fit and traditional jockstrap waistband, they’ll find themselves needing several pair as it is great for daily wear and athletic wear.

This hot item is available at or Check them out.

Key Features

  • Functional Fly
  • Brief/Jock Hybrid Design
  • Body Forming Fit
  • Contouring Roomy Front Pouch
  • Traditional Jockstrap Waistband
  • Made of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex
  • SRP: $25.00

Taylor Lautner Tweets an Undie Pic!

Taylor Lautner is certainly growing up – based on this pic he fired out from his Twitter account a few days ago. Hot! So is he modeling underwear now? Anyone know the brand? The pic is fairly small so it’s hard to tell… We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more in this series!

Hat tip to Towleroad for the scoop.

Mens Underwear Store Loves Dad – And Sales! Save 25% On a Ton of Brands

I just heard from Mens Underwear Store that they’re having a Father’s Day sale – but of course you don’t have to be a father to take advantage of it! Take 25% off a host of brands - CK, 2(x)ist, C-IN2 and Male Power, PLUS select styles of Diesel Swim, Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani. That’s a lot of great underwear at a discount. Head over and check it out.


Model Cary Farrow IV in Baskit Light


The kind folks at Baskit sent over some pictures I just had to share. He’s a new model I’m not familiar with – but he looks pretty good in his Baskit Light briefs and boxer briefs! I love that he’s not overly “modelish” but looks like a guy who could pop into a party at your house any day now. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. More model pics?

Details on the underwear and the shoot are below the pics. Enjoy!

 Model: Cary Farrow IV

Stylist: Rick Guzman

Photographer: Troy Wise

Style: Baskit Light*

Description: Just like the name implies, our Light collection is made from Cotton Jersey fabric, making it a perfect fit for warm climates.

Available: Baskitwear Web Site

Materials: 100% cotton jersey

Colors: Charcoal Grey, Midnight blue, Ivy Green, Red

Cuts: Jock, Brief, Trunk and Yoga tee

Three Hot Images of Model Adam Von Rothfelder in Baskit Briefs


Courtesy of the folks at Baskit: Model Adam Von Rothfelder in Baskit Luxe by Thomas Synnamon


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